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  1. One pediatrician is on-call after office hours.  The physician carries a beeper and will be contacted by the hospital operator (985-345-2700) when you call. 
  2. Calls are usually returned within fifteen minutes unless the hospital operator informs you of a delay.  After placing your call, please turn off your answering machine and do not use the telephone until the physician returns your call. 
  3. Have a pen and paper ready to write down instructions.  The physician will need to know your child's name, age, symptoms, present medications, temperature and how it was taken (do not use forehead thermometers). 

Except in cases of life-threatening illnesses or injuries, always contact the pediatrician on-call BEFORE going to an emergency room.  Many times suggestions can be given over the telephone that will avoid unnecessary emergency room visits.  For cases that require immediate attention, the physician will refer you to the emergency room doctor on duty at North Oaks Health System.



  1. Appointments are available for Newborns and New Patients through the age of 18 yrs. old. 
  2. Saturday appointments are available by appointment only.  You must call the morning of to make an appointment.  These appointments are for sick and emergency only. 
  3. Other appointments available are well child check-ups, EPSDT Screenings, ADHD/ADD evaluations and check-ups, and annual school, sports and camp physicals. 
  4. Please bring insurance information to each visit. New information, please give to the receptionist when signing in. 

EPSDT screenings are provided for our patients enrolled in the Bayou Health Care program.  The purpose of the EPSDT program is to educate you about the benefits of preventative and continuous care services and to provide regular health screenings for infants, children, and adolescents and to detect problems as early as possible.  Our Registered Nurses will provide EPSDT health-screenings, immunizations, and preventative health guidance.  EPSDT visits are by appointment only.  Being on time is very important, since appointments are booked several months in advance and difficult to obtain on short notice.  If you fail to call, cancel, or reschedule appointments, your child may not be eligible for EPSDT services, or sick-visit services.



  1. Except for medical emergencies, all calls should be made during office hours.  To provide the most efficient, prompt service, the receptionist will ask for the following information:  patient's name, date of birth, type of insurance coverage, parent's name and telephone number, and a brief reason for the call.
  2. Messages regarding medical questions are given to the appropriate nurse or physician.  Normally the nurse will be able to return calls more promptly than the physician.  Our nurses are well trained and all advice given is reviewed and approved by the physicians.  If you desire further clarification or would like to discuss a special problem, please inform the nurse and the physician will be happy to return your call.
  3. Patient treatment plans will not be discussed with anyone other than the parents or legal guardian of the patient.
  4. Billing and insurance claim inquires are directed to the insurance claims manager.
  5. Questions about referrals are handled by the referral coordinator
  6. Medical records questions and request are handled by the medical records department.



  1. We require a 24 hour notice for all immunization record request.
  2. You may drop off school, college, or camp forms to the office.  Once these forms are dropped off, they will be ready the next day.  If any immunizations are missing or due, the nurse will call to inform you of this.



If you are moving or need copies of your child's medical records for other purposes, please sign a medical records release at your new doctor's office or you can sign one at our office.  HealthPort copies all of our medical records.  They come once a week on Mondays to do so.  We send records with a written release to another physicians office free of charge.  Any medical records that you request to pick up as a personal copy are subject to a copying fee.  This is billed to you from HealthPort.  Please give us enough time to get the records copied before you need them.  A copy of our release form and letter regarding the copying fee can be printed out from our website.  Please go to Forms page to download and print this form.



All referrals to specialist must be approved by a physician if we did not already refer you.  Please contact our Referral Coordinator for details.





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